what's up?


1954 chevrolet

back to the grind, after a long weekend. i'd rather go back to the weekend, or farther back in time, or to some future point.

the current reality at home, is a minefield, and the only escape is through it, one day at a time. i have been trying to rest up, as my turn will be coming soon enough, to step up and give someone a break before they snap. there has to be a way to get some outside help, but it's not my place in this situation, so my ignorance continues.

meanwhile, i still have my pictures to get lost in. saw that the pomona swap meet is coming up this weekend. probably won't make it, but i do have some pics from past meets, like this one. 

really, to get the best pictures there, you have to be there when the gates open at five in the morning, before the sun comes up. fewer people, fewer cars. by the time you park and get over to the show cars, the sun is coming up, and the light is warm and beautiful.

down low, i caught the light bouncing up and making the interior glow.