what's up?

and then...

1938 chevy

1938 chevy

so back in so cal, off the plane yesterday, unpack, eat, sleep six hours, and back to a full day and then some, of work. already feeling scatter brained from being away from the office for most of two weeks, and it usually takes a couple of days to get back on track. ugh, i still need to do expense reports...maybe tomorrow.

gotta do a headshot tomorrow as well, so hoping i everything goes right. i'll pretend she's a small car, maybe a metropolitan.

better half dealing with a family emergency; i'm on standby, waiting to hear if/when i should be there.

dealt with the landlord when i arrived back at home after the hour and a half drive home. so not a lot has changed on that score.

...distracted by a monster truck trying to parallel park across the street from my window...entertaining, yet so stupid looking. closing the curtains...

anyway, i can't even think straight right now.

i owe a couple of people a view of their car from the last show i went to at walnut high school. i'll get around to them, promise. just need to find a moment to concentrate.

throwing this one out there, just cuz it was ready to go, and it pleases me, with the fluffy clouds overhead. not going to take the time to worry that it looks a wee bit dark on my screen. pretty sure i need to do some adjustments, or all my pics will be edited too dark.