what's up?

whipped cream

1951 chevy deluxe

i'm at my parents' house this evening. my dad is slicing off a huge piece of pineapple upside down cake and dumping it in a bowl. my mom is asking him repeatedly if he wants whipped cream for it, each time increasing the decibel level of the question.

he's wearing big ass cover the ear headphones, listening to the tv playing in the other room, no doubt at a mind numbing volume. he used to fly p-2vs in the navy, so his hearing isn't very good as it is. 

i was hoping she'd flip a spoonful of it at him and start a food fight, but he eventually he looked up and saw she was flapping her lips at him, and i was sadly disappointed. he didn't want any anyway. pretty sure he poured some milk on it. so ewww. 

is this my future? why retire? 


i've shot this car many times before, but not sure i've posted any. owner always always parks at shows and proceeds to take pictures of every car he sees at the shows. he's always stopping to greet his friends, and even me.

i'd have liked this a lot more without those tricked out trucks in the background.

love the rain...oh that sky...