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1958 chevy impala

1958 chevy impala

beautiful fifty-eight last month at the veterano's show at the whittier elks' lodge. with these, it's either the back end or this side panel that's worth the shot. kicking myself, that i didn't move my pesky camera bag somewhere else.

please excuse, the following rant:

i see a lot of flyers posted online that are barely legible, and more than a few where the date has been cut off, but that was just the poster's fault.

some make my eyes metaphorically bleed, trying to pick out the important info. they make me want to cry, as i'd really like to share the info, but they're almost too painful to look at.

too many fonts, too many "special" effects, too much, too much... more stuff doesn't make them more cool; they are just cluttered and less useful for the purpose they've been created for.

not calling out any particular show/club, but omg.

thanks, and sorry. been a long day at work, and my eyes are tired.