what's up?

put me in coach


went home from work yesterday, after four and a half hours. caught me a cold the day before, but had a job to finish, and my better half didn't want me working at home and getting his mama sick. this he says after he'd already been home the week before, sick himself, or at least talking himself into being sick.

so i'm at my mom's again. and now i hear that his mama be illin' now anyway, so what's the diff? just chill, y'all.

had tickets to a concert tonight, but he already called to say he can't go. i expected that would happen. now do i eat these tickets, and just stay here and play sick myself? i've already been sleeping with prince nyquil for a couple of days, and i feel fine. just have that vocal veneer of barry white going on, and an occasional coughing fit, but never got a fever for the flavor of a pringles.

so i asked my mom if she wanted to go see an xmas concert. she said sure, she had no other plans. the thing is, i think she thinks it's some kind of choral or lovely musical thing. actually, it's gary hoey doing a ho ho hoey show, so should just be him jamming on a guitar, with a drummer. probably not what she is expecting, but who knows?

been a while since i've been to the coach house. i wanna say they serve up some crap dinner before the show. proximity to the stage is directly proportional to how much cash you slip the doorman, so i'm guessing we'll be first out of the parking lot after the show. i'd like to listen to a few songs before she decides it isn't her cup of tea.

saw this huddie drive in at huffarama. only one there, and pretty sure i've not seen another chopped and dropped like this anywhere else. pretty cool. i like it. a lot.