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the escape

1937 chevy

i'll put this one up here, tho it's clearly not perfect. sharp up front and focus quickly drops off. busy night, lots of people and cars shuffling through the lot. there's a balancing act of timing and exposure and finding space for a tripod so that it isn't a tripping hazard.

i was almost back to my car here. better half had given up taking pictures because there were just too many people and cars packed in the lot. he was getting nervous as there was no way out, should anything go down. said the cops had already been by three times, and had threatened to have cars towed for blocking entrances, but last had left to get more back up. the fire department had also walked through shakingtheir heads, and left. pretty sure the manager of the big boy had gotten a talking to, and the neighbors behind the wall weren't too happy.

i had parked on the end under the overhang. he'd texted that there was an opportunity to get out right then, or we'd be stuck for hours, and i needed to hurry. finished the shot and was at the car within a minute. 

there would have been just enough space for me to back up, but now not enough of an opening to exit without taking out the back corner of an impala.  i would have been fine to take more time shooting, but better half was tired. owner of the impala saw that i wanted to leave and offered to take my spot.

oh why hadn't i backed into the spot, as i usually would have; it would have been so much easier. the impala had backed into the empty space that i had intended to back into, so that i could drive out.  

instead, everyone was directing me to just back all the way out into the street. fine, on a normal day, i could do it, but there were so many people walking behind me, and i can't see around my better half sitting in the passenger seat. 

finally, one of the guys from the oldies car club, who was trying to guide me out offered to do it. by all means, yes and thank you! better half jumps out of the car, to allow for more visibility, i guess, and i got in the back seat.

club guys do know how to move a car, and it was in the street just like that. we had escaped.

there was a line of cars waiting there and around the corner down firestone, trying to get in, so the void was quickly filled.