what's up?

takin' it easy

1951 chevy truck

raining again, very hard at times. didn't stop up from walking uptown to see a movie this morning. was that or continue sifting through papers for my taxes. ya, no thanks. annual PITA. i still have a few weeks to figure that out.

spent a couple of hours making waikiki meatballs. had a craving last week, but didn't get to the market. so now that i'm fed, i can decide whether to stay in whittier tonight, or make the trip to my mom's, while the rain has let up, to be closer to work in the morning.

kinda don't feel like packing a bag. i could play with another picture. avoid thinking about the week ahead, the deadlines, the traffic, the rain.

here's a sunny bright truck, to warm your heart, to reminisce on shows of summer and the heat. <screeching halt> no, i prefer the cold; the truck is pretty nice tho'.