what's up?


1949 chevrolet deluxe

the cruise was pretty free form. the invite/announcement said all types and models were welcome. 

makes me imagine tangina, the short, old woman psychic in poltergeist, calling to the spirits, "Cross over children. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the Light. There is peace and serenity in the Light." at the entrance booth, letting any and all cars into the park.

there was a newer model mustang parked next to this lovely car. i cropped it out. at least i had a little room to do so.


back in la casa de big pixel pusher. good to be here. thought i had another week, but i only have four days, then i'm off on a road trip. so i've spent the morning making some plans. just gonna wing it on the way back, not on an airplane, in a car. no specific destinations, just going to drive, and stop when i find something interesting.

taking my mom for the ride. not sure that she can do a hell of a lot, but she's never been to washington state, so it could be fun. she isn't helping to decide on where to go on the way back, so i'll probably just flip a coin and go.