what's up?

once, twice

1937 chevrolet

i vacillated about leaving the house today. i had missed shows yesterday, and i just really wanted to shoot some pictures.

so finally i headed out about nine. thought maybe some cars would show up early at the legg lake end of summer show, which seemed to be a somewhat impromptu get together. didn't really seem to be sponsored by any particular club.

got there pretty quickly, only to find nothing. i mean, the cars there were just regular cars, owned by people walking the lake or whatever you do at a park that early.

i pulled up to the booth to inquire about a car show. lady pulled out her clipboard, which listed two birthday parties and some other event not involving classic cars.

so i turned around, she wouldn't let me pull through and come back out again. didn't trust me, wanted her six dollar entry fee.

was kinda bummed, but knew for sure the cadillac fest was setting up in the city of industry. drove over there and parked on the street nearby. sat for a few minutes, enjoying the air conditioning. watched a couple of caddies cruise by. they were the newer models, post seventies, not what i really wanted.

decided to drive past the lot to see what was there, spying other parking spots for me if i wanted to stay.

i saw only a few classics that i'd bother with, a few with hoods already up. i hadn't eaten breakfast and it was already hot out, so decided to bail.

after breakfast, headed back home.

my phone reminder about the legg lake show went off at noon. by one i had decided to go back, though i really wasn't feeling it. i really can't handle the heat, and don't particularly like the harsh shadows of midday in my pictures.

i went anyway. drove by on the freeway, so i could see into the park, to be sure there were cars there this time. there was, so took the next exit.

parked under a tree, in the next parking lot, in the shade. pulled my gear and headed over. there was a row of cars already, so i just started at the closest car.

halfway down, was already feeling the heat. realized i forgot the sunscreen, and was baking to a nice red glow while simultaneously having a hot flash. such fun.

i'd left my water back in the car, and considered buying or bumming a bottle from someone i knew there. decided to wait out the hot flash, keep going, then turn around and head to the car. i did end up skipping a lot if cars.

got back to the car, the water and the air conditioning. saw more cars and cycles arriving, but that was ok. there are always other shows...


i liked many of the shots i took, so i closed my eyes and randomly picked one to put up. lots of beautiful bombs out today. glad i noticed the post about the show.