what's up?

stripper pole

overdue at posting a picture i'd promised to show.

i get behind in summer spending weekends shooting at shows or recovering from tough work weeks and/or the long drives back to be with my better half. lucky him that i think he's worth the drive, because otherwise, i'd really just kick my kid out of my house and have a quick drive home after work, and everything would be so much simpler. love makes you do crazy things, i suppose.

this car was in a corner at the imperials show. i like chevys, the hood was down, so i shot it. lady asked about who i was shooting for...me, myself, and i. anyway, told her i'd post something. was a choice between this one and a profile shot. profile is nice, but i like angles that show a bit of the front, to help give it a bit character and to identify the year easier.

the little details were interesting too. i guess a stripper on the antenna is appropriate as my pinstriped hat here at a car show with kids running around.