what's up?

the night is dark and full of...

1939 chevy master deluxei should say, it is leaning more toward morning in this shot. haven't really been out shooting at night for a long time. i really should work on that.

been a while since i took this picture. i want to say there was a kid that belonged with this car that stood aside patiently, for me to finish, so he could get something from inside. i may be mixing it up with another car i shot later in the morning.

whatever, long exposures are a hassle, so when i find a car by itself, and too early for lots of people or cars to be noticed, i'm happy.

dealing with issues at work, where we have one less designer, and so follows, more work for those left behind. i'm coming off jury duty, and i have a road trip coming up. the schedule is really going to be a bit hectic for a while, more so than usual. anyone know a good junior or senior graphic designer, let me know.