what's up?

photo op

1953 chevrolet bel air

back from vacation, way more tired than when i left. at least tomorrow is a holiday, so i have one more day to recover.

as usual, my better half and i have said, after marching all over the place, miles a day, for a week, we should try to keep it going, and i expect that will last about a week after we get back to the work routine, and the summer heats up. we did about four miles today. thinking of climbing the hills nearby tomorrow, though my better half might not go, as he did trip a couple of times while out being touristas, and his knee is kinda sore.

i'll probably just sleep in. i am really tired and sore. i need to sit in a hot jacuzzi or get a massage or something. i imagine one of those things would help.

this was the first car i shot at the relay for life show.

shot it from this side, because the owner was sitting on the other side, and was trying to focus on the car. the plaque in the back window was for the classic dreams club, and said bakersfield...long drive for a benefit show.

apparently, he was curious what i was doing, or shooting for, and then wanted to be in the picture. oh, ok. i guess.

most guys would then come around front of the car, and do some pose, or throw down some signs or something. this guy just stayed behind the car, and there he is just over the hood, some kind of strange hood ornament.

next time, just be in the picture. get out front, like you really mean it. own it.