what's up?

big one

1954 cadillac

been away from my blog for a while. just needed a break, recharge from my daily grind. should probably think about scheduling a vacation, and do it, instead of just saying i need to schedule a vacation.

i've mostly just been happy enough to see old cars drive by here and there, sometimes through the window, or while i'm walking uptown; other times, driving down the freeway. mini car shows. just for me.

the week has already started stupid, so i expect it will continue through friday. and so it goes...

saw this cadillac at pomona last month. haven't decided yet if i'll go in march. i know my better half wants to go. just been difficult to wake up early sometimes; i haven't been sleeping well lately. working so hard, can't slow my mind down at the end of the day. and don't recommend something to mellow me out...i don't smoke. there are other ways.