what's up?

xmas day

ford truck

ford truck

another nice truck. figured a green one should be followed by a red one for xmas. i think this one belongs to @reyfierro. he was in the driver's seat, when it was moved over to use as platform to shoot some other cars from higher point of view. he seems nice. he says hi to me now, when i see him out there with his camera.

first thing this morning had one more thing to bake, then headed on over to my mom's for the day. my kid and his wife were going to be stopping by before heading over to his dad's house. i'll be having dinner with my mom and dad. my sister is somewhere tromping through south america, and my bro won't land at lax until this evening.

better half stayed at home, to keep his mom company. he won't leave her alone for xmas dinner, and it's too cold to take her down there for dinner. besides, they stocked up on tamales, so they're set for the night.

i'll either stay at my mom's, or if my kid brings his dog, i'll take the dog home and stay at my own house for the night.

i think i've run out of things to say for now. maybe i'll just post pictures and shut up for a few days.