what's up?

dia de los puercos

1953 chevy bel air

wanted to get out today. there were a couple of shows to consider. chose to go over to covina, to the dia de los puercos restaurant. was supposed to be a toy drive.

got there after start time. there were only about seven cars and a cycle there, mostly from timeless classics club. ok, figured i'd just start shooting, and more would show up.

thought people were still recovering from yesterday's mooneyes and/or hangovers.

spent over an hour just shooting those cars. a couple more showed up. a guy on a basic black motorcycle showed up. he asked me what's going on. he was on his way to a motorcycle toy ride. he sat and watched and talked on his cell phone for a while before leaving.

i went inside, to have some lunch. food was ok. first time there, so i've only tried one plate of tacos, er, taquitos. sort of tasted like hot dogs in a crunchy shell. not really what i expected. guess i was hoping for something else, but i tried.

after, took pictures of a couple more cars that showed up, and then left. stuff to do at home, fun was over.