what's up?

toy drove

1954 chevy bel air

i wasn't feeling up to it, but i went anyway. whittier narrows isn't far from home, so i figured if i got too wobbly, i could just head out. better half had stuff to do around the house, so he didn't go. waited until one to head over, hoping to miss the worst of midday heat. cool enough in the shade.

many times, if i just get out of the house i do perk up. tell myself just go with it, and i'll be ok. and so i was. vague stomach ache, but i ignored it.

brought a toy for the donation pile. looked like they had a good haul. wasn't hungry, so skipped the free meal they were trading for it.

saw a few guys i've gotten to know a little over the last few years. one offered me a fresh cooked hamburger, but wasn't brave enough to attempt a hamburger yet.

one wandered over and asked when i was going to send him pictures from some past show i'd promised to send him. he said the whittier evening cruise, which i argued i'd never been to. i run into him often, so i'll have to look through other whittier shows to see if it will jog my memory. would help a lot if he would just send me an email.

speaking of email...i've responded to several emails lately, and never hear back. guessing they're going to junk mail. i always answer, one way or another, so please do look there.

the turnout was fine, but the location was sort of dusty. nearby fields, especially where i parked were really very dusty, not good on a windy day for cameras. i feel like i have a fine layer of dirt all in my pores.

i took a bunch of pictures. still missed some, due to people being in the way, or too tightly parked or just a bad angle in relation to the sun. that's ok, i've seen many of them before, and hopefully will again.

when i was about done, went out to the street, to shoot this car and the fleetline in front of it. had to wait for a group of kids to move, or actually be told to get out of the way.

couple of guys nearby. one says he's seen my pictures before online, thinks they're great—thanks! other guy was the owner of this bel air. said it was rare because the spare wheel and cover were real original to the car, and that most are recent additions. he's owned this since ninteen ninety seven, i think he said.

he asked the usual questions, including when they might be posted. he asked, so i told him i'd post his tonight. promise kept...what do you think?