what's up?

it's a hit

1939 chevy master deluxeso i was driving to my house after work today, minding my own business, thinking my usual inane thoughts. my older brother is in town with his wife. they're both parrot heads, er, jimmy buffet fans, and i guess he is in concert in irvine this weekend. haven't seen them yet, they're out somewhere with my mom, so i'm currently hanging out with my dad, treating him to a gourmet taco bell dinner. meh.

as i was saying, i was driving home, when suddenly, another car up and bumped into my car. hot damn. pulled over and got out of the car. started taking pictures of her car, plate, damage, in case she took off. had to wait a couple of minutes for her to get out of the car, as she seemed to be on the phone and looking for paperwork simultaneously.

i suppose i could have gone ballistic, but it was just an accident, neither of us hurt, and she had insurance, so why get my panties in a wad. she admitted it was her fault, or rather that someone in front of her braked or slowed too quickly, and had to swerve...right into my car.

really just looks like some small body damage on the edge of a door and over the wheel. but driving it back over here to my parents house, it feels like it has a little shimmy or something. seems ok to drive otherwise. already have an appointment for an estimate, but not until monday. only going to a few local car shows this weekend, so i guess it will be ok. but way to get an early start on the weekend.

i see this car often at shows. belongs to a popular photographer. from what i've read on his instagram, i think he inherited from his father, and drives it in his honor and memory. maybe they worked on it together, i don't know. check out his photos--@aragonphotography39.

this shot is from last weekend's dia de los muertos show. i think i probably posted a shot from last year, which had a much bigger display, which included a statue of an angel and flowers, versus this one, which simply shows an old photo of a couple, a painting, and a sign. same spot though, he always gets this corner.

beautiful car. still like it better with the doors closed, but that's just me.