what's up?

picture this

up and out way before my body wanted to be on a weekend. stuff like this makes getting there early totally worth the effort. i like it when i can catch the sun just kissing the car, warming it up just so. and no one around. almost like a thief, stealing this shot...did anyone else see it? am i bogarting this all for myself? no, trying to share what i saw here.


so at work they're thinking of doing their portraits in-house. tired of paying the go-to guy five hundred a pop. probably have another in-house guy do the shooting. they're thinking of getting a canon camera. pfft. whatever.

they know i do photography, so they're asking me for advice. why not; i'll end up working the files anyway, so might as well try to minimize how much work needs to be done with them. mostly asking if i can help them with lighting. i reminded them i do cars. at car shows, in natural light. where i can move around to find the best angle and lighting.

i've never done portraits, at least besides family. i suppose i could do it. i guess it would be the opposite of shooting a car, having to move the lighting around the subject or shifting them around to find the right angle. but it does miss one of the reasons i shoot cars...they don't look back, i don't have to talk to them or tell them what to do.

i sort of offered to do a shoot out—their canon against my sony. it would be sort of fun to see if i could get the big cheeses to crack a smile or ask them to do strange contortions to bend the light to my will. i've sat through classes, watched videos, read books. aside from getting the equipment, the only thing required would be to just do it, just like when i started going to shows and shooting cars. worse that could happen is getting some average pictures.