what's up?



saw this last month at wingfest. out in the back corner. i think the owner said she'd driven a couple hours to be there. nice car. back end is my favorite, and is the most distinctive part of these cars.

main thing i remember about it, was her kid. he was playing with a little gun type toy that would shoot a toy car a few feet. not that interesting on it's own, but he kept shooting it at me while i was taking pictures of another car next to this one. he was funny, so i let him keep at it, until his mom told him to cut it out.

no, i didn't take a picture of him in action, and i don't want to post a picture of a kid here—not without permission anyway. and what i did shoot isn't that interesting. just a kid playing. cute though.


thinking about what to do on my next long weekend. which is actually this coming weekend. four days off, but there's a holiday thrown in there. usually messes up travel plans, right? and car shows. so...more hanging out around the house.

spent yesterday running around doing errands; today, feeling domesticated i guess: laundry, baking, and soon, cooking some dinner for a change. i got a craving, so time to make an exception for cooking. hate cooking, but i'll cook a meal once in a while, just to have a plate of whatever. i know people that will take the leftovers.

missing a few car shows this weekend. just don't feel like shooting. probably because it's too hot out. but mostly because i'm out of space on my hard drive. still shuffling files to back up drives.