what's up?


old truck. looks new. still liked it.

wasn't for sale, as far as i could tell, but there was an older couple that kept walking around it, asking whose it was. made it difficult to shoot without them in the picture. shot low...they're on the other side.

as long as i'm posting a blue car, i'll throw this one up here for another guy who asked me to shoot his car. even though the hood was up. now that i'm looking at it, there were two blue novas there. not even sure if i shot the wrong one, but hey, they're the same color, same model, i think.

i remembered what i was going to mention the other day. what do you do when you've found a ring in a random parking lot, made inquiries in the store? no one is looking for it. seems to be real enough, and i'd think someone would really be missing it, even if for sentimental reasons.

unless they purposely threw it away. i don't want it. guess i'll just keep checking for signs or online.