what's up?

flight of fancy

awesome. work server is down, might as well post a picture. and i got a rush job to do, so extra special awesome.

worked over the memorial day weekend, so now i gotta pick another day to take off. better half's mom has a cold, and he needs to take a business trip, aside from being busy himself, so i guess a long weekend escape is off the table. guess i'll just stay home and take care of stuff i like to put off vs going to a car show.

found this hood ornament on a car from last year's whittier area church show. making me think about traveling. need to decide where to take our anniversary trip this year. already know it will either be a month early or a month late, because his coworker's spouse will be popping a kid around that time, so my better half has to be there to support east and west coast offices.

haven't been to san fran for a while. east coast weather has been a bit dicey the last few years, but maybe dc or florida.

i know for sure it will be somewhere. maybe just throw a dart at a map?