what's up?

reality bites

this show is coming up in february. hillco's supercruise, for people that need a car show fix just before the big game on superbowl sunday. usually, there is an interesting assortment of cars that show up—classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars, semi-trucks...—cruising through, screaming past, or just parking throughout the industrial complex.

my better half has gone with me two out of three years that i have gone. he takes off, and shoots what he wants, and i go my way. he usually takes an assortment of lenses to experiment with, and runs into and talks to way more people than i ever do.

i'm not sure if he saw this one or not, but i'm thinking he wouldn't have passed up a shiny black car like this. had to get down low, to try and avoid the majority of lens flares, for a change.

for the past couple of years, there have been little red bumps randomly popping up on my skin.

first one showed up on my leg. doctor said maybe it's just an infected hair follicle, from shaving. it's not very big, maybe an eighth of an inch in diameter, it bothers me more than the scar on my knee from a childhood bike crash (don't pedal without hands on the handlebars while riding over gravel covered pavement).

while it's not red anymore, i prefer not to wear shorts unless it's insanely hot outside because of it.

then another showed up on my thigh a few months later. doc said the same thing, but i don't shave my legs that far up, so nah.

i did get a really nasty sunburn on my legs one fourth of july, not so long ago...i thought hmmm, too much sun, growing little moles, since they weren't going away, sun damage.

then, the other day, while playing with the baby niece on the floor, i felt a sharp sting on my finger. didn't see anything, but fairly quickly there was a little blister there, and it itched like crazy and hurt like a son of a bitch if you touched it.

when i was a kid, growing up back east, i was a mosquito magnet. every summer, i'd get plenty of bug bites, and my mom would practically be painting me pink with calamine lotion. she always said it was because i was so sweet...but that's what mothers are supposed to say.

anyway, i didn't see any spider or mosquito, or other bug, and the kid seemed unaffected.

so, here's my thinking: it's either the zuni fetish doll from the film, "trilogy of terror" or the troll from "cat's eye." they both carry little swords or sharp pointed sticks, and both move hella quick, so it's no wonder i didn't spot it.

zuni doll from "trilogy of terror"troll from "cat's eye"well, maybe it's not one of them, but i'm also guessing there's a family of spiders, or mites or fleas from the neighbor's cats, roaming the house. some critter with strangley poisonous, infectious spit.

those poor, little flea bag cats, that are left outside to freeze in the winter, and cook in the summer. the ones the crazy cat lady comes around to feed everyday—yet when you confront her, with the food falling from her hand to the plate on the ground, she screeches that she isn't feeding them...she doesn't even live near here—maybe the bugs are so cold or hot, they jump off the cats, and crawl under the door and into the house.

fuck the neighbors. they gave us roaches when they moved in too.

i prefer to think it's the doll. i gotta find a gold chain.