what's up?

senator's car

saw this buick at pomona. wanted to take a picture from the other side, but a pop up tent was opposite, along with a group of dudes, and a couple of empty wheelchairs. a guy came over and started telling me all about this car. 

said back in the day, senators used this model. it has two spare tires, one on each side, instead of the standard one. i forget how many six figures he claimed it was worth. and to boot, it wasn't even his car—he was sitting under the pop up.

i waited a bit, and eventually the dudes moved on or out of the way. pretty sure i've seen this one before. whatever; today is another day.


sitting here looking out the window; grand nationals show going on this weekend, and i expect there may be a few cars cruising uptown. time for dinner. might just go for a little walk.