what's up?


overdue posting this chevy from march at the azalea festival. owner was really friendly and chatty.
i liked it a lot, with it's small imperfections. especially liked the peely paint patches over the fenders. sort of like my shoulders used to get when i attempted to get a tan—never really happens, just a bright red burn, and a slow peel.
so my website host has been a little flakey the last couple of days that i've tried to post. and doing the same tonight. slower than a snail, and lost the post before i saved it. second time i've typed this up, and definitely not as clever as the first iteration.
feeling better, though still not one-hundred percent normal; but then, when am i? 
i did drive out to ruby's yesterday, but then remembered i needed to pick up a belated birthday present. decided i better go buy it before the store closed; i wander around a car show the same way most women wander around the mall—lose all track of time—though i don't end up with a car load of shopping bags at the end of the night.
bought a crap ton of chocolates over at the see's candy store, then decided it was best if i didn't leave it to melt in the car while i did the show. got it home and to the happy recipient, our favorite diabetic. happy birthday, indeed.
i could have gone back, but then there would have only been about an hour left, and people start bugging out early when they think they won't win any prizes, so i stayed put for the evening.