what's up?

sick of being sick

i guess i've been sick since a few days after the viejitos show. don't think i caught it there; my better half was sick before me by a few days, so let's just call him patient zero for the sake of argument.

spent a lot of time coughing, but otherwise, didn't suffer the other usual cold symptoms. after about a week, they were ready for me to get out of the house for his mother's sake (she caught it anyway).

while we were both sick at the same time, we managed to hide out in a hotel for a few days, to enjoy the blackout curtains and air conditioning. slept a lot. he made me cup after cup of hot tea, which i don't like unless i'm in chinatown in san francisco, but i drank it because it made him happy to be taking care of me. doesn't really help, but he thinks it does and that argument grew old fast.

gets expensive in the summer, the way they jack up the prices, so we left when the money ran out. he was feeling much better than me, so he got to go home; i was still coughing up a lung, so headed to my mom's.

attempted to go back to work on a monday, but i guess that was too soon and stayed home the rest of the week.
so, couldn't work from home or play with my pictures, and really was too tired to do either. went to the doctor a couple of times, thinking it was evolving into pneumonia. nope. xray said no.

anyway, had to miss the san fernando show, and was sooo bummed. did go to a dodger game, that i'd been invited to the week before...my son had gotten tickets to a suite near homeplate...how often do you get to do that? downed some cough meds and made it mostly through the whole game without too much incident. good game--they won.

enough of the violins; mostly good now, just feel weak.

i think this is the last picture i promised to someone from the viejitos show. loved the color. classic chevy. nuff said.
hoping to go to pomona early this weekend. no, not for the reptile show. if not that, looking forward to the whittier uptown show. my hood, please come on down. i got an itchy trigger finger that hasn't been used for a while. maybe i'll go to ruby's friday...been a while.

by kathy