what's up?

sunshine, on his shoulder

the uptown show yesterday was pretty good. this year it was well run, and started on time. even had the staging start on time, as advertised, which i'm sure pleased everyone involved with last year's debacle. guessing maybe three hundred cars showed up.

i knew by five-thirty in the morning that it was going to be a hot day. sun was already coming up, sky clear. last couple of years the morning had been overcast and cool, and allowed me to enjoy the show for a couple extra hours before it got too hot. this year, it was rush and get what shots i could while the sun rose, the light changed, the cars were sitting and waiting in staging. i can't take the heat. fortunately, with this show, i live here. i know where to go to get out of the sun, eat, and can even go home and take a break. hey, gotta download the pictures off my memory cards, so i can go back out and fill them up again, right?

after shooting some of the lucky cars that were able to get in early, my better half and i walked up to the staging area. lots of cars, three lanes wide, just sitting ducks for my camera.

this guy sitting in the cadillac, was first to notice and ask where he could see the pictures, so i'll put a couple of his car up first.

i could make up a story about the text messages he appears to be sending, the "OMG! this chick is taking pictures of my car!," but i'm not going to do that. i'll keep my freaky demons in my head.

anyway, if he happens to want to buy a print (what a concept), he can find them here.

this one has a little too much lens flare, but i like it anyway: