what's up?

hot and palmy


so i had this pic ready last night, ready to upload, and then the internet wasn't working in the house. it was late, i was tired, the usual b.s. saved it to my phone and went to bed.

not staying at my house today, and away from my puter, this is the best i can manage. the app can't quite post it the way i usually do, and flickr isn't playing nice either. hate the new flickr app. hate it everytime they feel the need to revamp it. anyway, i' m blathering and i'll fix this when i get back.
quick stop at the von fink show in foothill ranch the other day. pleased to find more cars there than last time i was there, last summer. some cars i like, but many with the hood up. one woman excitedly pointed to a very nice chevy nomad, saying it had just been finished [painted?]. hood was up, a crowd stood rigidly in the way, so i admired, but didn't shoot. sorry.

good turnout of muscle cars, if you're into that, but i'm not, so meh. hoods up anyway.

saw several familiar faces, even if they didn't see me.

this was actually the last shot i took before leaving. shot the front and side when i got there, but there were cars parked behind it at the time. happened to take one more look before heading to the car and saw this. empty space behind the cars. gotta love that big behind, right?
and the every detail of urban development and planning, which includes this "natural" row of palm trees, so cliche, which just so embody the facade that is so cal - hip and happening. right.