what's up?

magic carpet ride

glad the week is over, but the work isn't done. will probably end up working in between bouts of relaxing, which should cancel each other out. that's the theory anyway. 


computer is misbehaving too. hoping you can see the pictures and not just boxes with red "X"s.


wondering the why of the carpet, except that it matches the color palette of the car, and defines the space and environment boundaries. no other purpose really. i see mirrors on the ground often, but there's a reason for them, usually involving a lot of chrome and hydraulics under the car.

i like the simple pinstriping on most of the car, but the big shape on the back wheel probably would look better on the trunk, not necessarily so big, and leave this part clean...if it were my car, as a matter of speaking. but it ain't, so don't listen to me.


brain is mush. what else can i say about chicano park? let's play bitch and moan / sunshine up your...

  • not as many cars as last year / loved the cars that were there
  • whose *brilliant* idea was it to move the show to easter weekend? / everyone will be in town to enjoy a day of festivity on a holiday weekend
  • "we have a permit for an event" / it's great they want to maintain the integrity of the show rules 
  • some people are rude / people were enjoying themselves
  • lemme just sneak in front of you to get the same shot you're taking / photography is a great hobby
  • it was overcast :(  /  it was overcast! :)
  • being facetious / being facetious