what's up?

sunny with a chance of rain

supposed to rain at the end of the week. i think the weather guys are mostly just getting paid to guess. they always seem to be wrong on their predictions.

i bought a new umbrella that has a handle like a samuri sword, that fits in a case that slings on your shoulder. i've been waiting a month to use it. the couple of days i carried it when they predicted rain before, i got a lot of double-takes by the security guys in the office. so that's fun.

so i'm gonna put off washing the car. again. well, i basically don't bother until i really can't stand it. or until i take it in for an oil change, and they do a free car wash.


found this neon orange ford in an upper lot at the show. so early, no other cars were around it. i like the contrast of the orange and the blue sky. and that the hood was down. bonus.