what's up?


this one is interesting. guessing a '38 buick. the color combo really caught my eye. not sure the modern rims are really working, but they do match the color scheme.

saw it at the viejitos ela show at the broiler in august. such a good show. way too hot. wish there were more shows about this time of year, before the real possibility of rain, but sunny, cool and puffy clouds. way more tolerable.


got my car serviced yesterday, and it was sprinkling rain here and there, so skipped a show that may or may not have happened because of the weather. that, and once i got back home, didn't want to go back out, which is typical.

feeling like taking pictures today, but looking at the calendar, not much going on except small local shows. pretty much what i like best...fewer people in my way.

thinking of stopping by a monthly show in la habra, to see if it's bombs or hot rods. if hot rods or muscle cars, will probably just continue on by and get some shopping done. otherwise, there's always lakewood on a sunday afternoon — never know what will show up, but there's a costco there too.

anyone know if there's a show at the broiler this friday? i've heard about it, but haven't been.


a real hell of a month coming up health-wise. really hating getting stuck with needles. not looking forward to these tests, but want answers more, so i'll just practice bursts of profanities at work to prepare.