what's up?

stop please

i spent most of the weekend with my better half. part of saturday at disneyland, which i haven't been to for a a year or two, and out to dinner with my parents. then today, he walked with me for a couple of miles, just for the exercise, and it was a nice, sunny and cool day. stopped in at the little local art gallery, then walked home imagining hanging some of my pictures up in there.

i had mentioned that the grand national show was running all weekend. he fully expected me to head over there at some point. he joked about getting up and going this morning, and letting me know how it was, but that didn't happen either. it just isn't one of the shows that interests me. perhaps after checking out more of my flickr contacts' photostreams, i will feel differently, but past years' photos haven't convinced me to get out there.

anyway, here's one from last week out there at the fairgrounds. nice as anything they might have shown this weekend.

the owner was in the truck, and was moving, ready to head out, when i signaled that i'd like to shoot a picture. he nodded and stopped.

i got down low, so as not to have him in the picture, and tried to be quick. little did i know, he had gotten out of the cab, and was on the other side chatting with someone. i mouthed thanks over the noise of the engine and other cars queueing up to leave behind me.

i thought it was a standout, and it was probably the colors and the chrome that made me do it.