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mr. sandwich

1936 chevrolet

after going to the unidos show last week, and having one of my cameras temporarily wig out on me there, i finally broke down and bought a new camera body. i've treated my cameras pretty well, and they are way past the expected shutter activations, so i thought i should go ahead before i show up at a show and have them both crap out on me and then have nothing to shoot with. so yay for credit cards.

figured the whittier uptown car show would be just as good as any to break it in and run it through its paces. just a newer version of my old camera, but the buttons are sort of different, and it can even shoot video, so its going to take some getting used to. my opinion so far is i like some things about it, and i don't like some things about it. guess i'll have to shoot it some more. was too busy today to hit the shows, so maybe tuesday after work. got a flyer (thanks to whoever handed it to my better half) for a show next weekend, so i'll go if there's nothing else i have to do at home.

my bro and his son joined us very early for the show, and we were all uptown by six a.m., trying to catch the morning light. his son has taken up interest in photography, so we thought it would be a fun day to go out. he really has a good eye for his age. i'll have to go check out what he posts on flickr over the next few days.

each year there's something the city bungles: this year's organizers weren't completely organized and had all the boys waiting down the street in staging to come in until almost eight-thirty, and the show was advertised to start at nine. they had some very agitated guys waiting too long, but at least they were mostly in the shade. 

pretty sure the competing car show hosted by the pharaohs ran a lot smoother, but i skipped that one for this one. waiting for some contacts to post their shots from that one, so i can go whine about what i missed.

gave me the opportunity to scoot around in between all the parked cars anyway. saw a lot of cars and clubs that i've shot in the past, and many remembered me and said hello. lots of the usual joking with certain clubs, but it is all in good fun.

took a lot of shots through the day, and in general the camera did ok. the file sizes are bigger, and use a different memory card, so i'm sure i'll have to get another hard drive at some point. gotta get a faster memory card too. the little sixteen gig cards are too slow.

found this chevy on my last loop around before i was done for the day. was getting too warm out in the sun to care anymore, which is always the problem in the summer. hence getting up so early. shoot 'em and run.

a guy who was a friend of the owner came out and asked the usual questions, and was curious to see how my pics turned out. i think he was saying that this one gets rented a lot for weddings, and i can see why, such a nice car. and you just never know where they'll make you park at some of these shows, but this one was more fortunate in location than others. still. at least i had something to call this shot.