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quick post

1938 pontiac

just a very quick post, as i have to get my butt to work. getting set up at my other place, so i can doggy sit my son's golden retriever. was up late backing up my computer and trying to sort through over a hundred pictures i took the other day at this car show in south gate.

wow, i mean, WOW. was a great show and so many cars and clubs turned out. we kinda stayed all day, and wished we had gotten there earlier. it was overcast most of the morning, so it kept fairly cool, but it did feel humid anyway. must have been the water evaporating off the grass.

i couldn't decide which car to start with, so i'll just throw one of these on here. especially since the owner was so nice and chatted with me for a while. i have several angles i'll need to work up for him to see, but at least i thought i'd tease him with this one. might go and tweak it a little, since the clouds above seem to have darkened up the front too much.

oh, and the group was posing for this picture for several people, including a young girl who seemed to just be getting into photography. that's great. they were being very nice to her. i snuck in a shot too, but with this lense, i would have needed to get up closer, but then i didn't want to get in everyone else's shot.

egad, i gotta get going...busy day ahead. won't be posting here until tomorrow night, if anyone is looking...