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green giant

1940 chevy special deluxe
i tried posting this one earlier, but the computer was having none of that. so, now that i've had a bday celebration with family for my son, i'm gonna see if it will behave on my ipad.

we drove past the viejitos show a couple of times last week, in route to and from another family obligation, and i suppose because of the holiday, we didn't see much there. but my better half did mention this one in particular, as we drove past, hoping i'd stop for it. it was hot, he was on call for work, and probably i was too tired to pull the gear out of my car.

i ended up telling him it would probably show up again eventually. and so it did yesterday, at the latin gents show in westminster. not the best location or lighting for it, but i liked the car a lot. another car with glitter paint on the fenders--probably what caught my better half's eye the week before. would have been better shown from the other side with the sun hitting the glitter, but the car next to it put more shadow across it than i liked. so, there you go.