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pontiac ornament

so my better half is always telling me to post something bigger. we're not in a pissing match or anything, but sometimes its fun to compare shots of the same thing.

he's six-foot-five-ish, triple-x-sized, with delusions of being on the ten-foot high ambercrombie & fitch posters in san fran. he makes me laugh, though he'd probably say i'm the one that makes him laugh. i don't think anyone else could possibly come close to understanding me, but he kind of gets me, though he mostly can't understand a word i'm saying on any given day.

i'm about five-six, unless i put on some heels, which are inconvenient to wear at a car show, and more so due to my tweaked foot, much to his disappointment. anyway, the difference in height, our abstract backgrounds, and/or my being a girl, albeit, more of a tomboy, leads to some interesting perspectives on the same subject or what we see or don't see at any given location.

i really like hood ornaments. i gave out a book of them for christmas gifts this year. click the link for a perfectly arbitrary display of a few of the pages.

pontiacs are always fun. i don't think this one is an original, it's too perfect, and the seams from the mold are too obvious. but i didn't find any of the original, crackled, ravaged, aged beauties the other evening at ruby's.

i shoot my close-ups with a newer 100mm lens. with all the new technology and lens coatings, i don't think it stands up to my original secret handshake lens that he bought me several years ago, but sadly crapped out on me last year. i used the hell out of a twenty-seven-year old lens, and then some; a little internal plastic thing broke, and it became more tempramental on whether it would work or not, whether it would focus or not. i wanted something that was reliable.

my better half would borrow it sometimes, and has borrowed the new one a few times. i always wonder if i'll be able to get it back from him, he goes so ape shit over it. i guess it would only be fair, as since he let me start borrowing his equipment, he has had to replace each item, because he doesn't get it back. strange that he keeps offering to let me try out his new camera, huh?

well, he pulled the handshake out of the drawer not too long ago, and it's temporarily behaving, so he's been out using it. he thinks it works just great.

so schweetie, here's a big one. how does it compare to yours?