what's up?

taking a trip

1953 chevy 3100 truck

should be an interesting week ahead. still getting over whatever it is—bronchitis, a cold, i have no idea—and still wearing the cyborg leg. heading north and i'm really wishing i could just cancel the trip and sleep. my better half is staying here—when you gotta work, you gotta work and is mostly out of vacation time.

thought i should get vertical for a couple of hours, so though i'm not really feeling it, started flipping through a couple years of pictures. i couldn't decide what to post. this isn't the best picture, but i still like it. night shots at the broiler are always interesting, and never know what kind of colors will pop up with the lighting.

also starting to think about entering a few pictures at the fair again. i can't decide what i like best, which wouldn't necessarily be anything the judges would pick. if you have any favorites, drop me an email.

think i'll go lay down again. still have one more day before i go, so maybe i'll post again.