what's up?


dukes chevys

i spent the day in riverside. sitting outside in the cold and the clouds. at least it didn't rain.

then tried to go to a car show, but it wasn't where it said it was supposed to be. that's fine, there are a couple tomorrow i can choose from, if i'm still in the mood or have time after the other things i need to do.

then it was too late to go to costco for my better half to get some computer thing, same with frys.

this is another from the super show on super bowl sunday. yummy chevys, all in a row.

since i didn't stay very long, at the show, i don't really have much to say. i could mention the creepy asian shopkeeper across the street, that i was sure was going to have my car towed for parking in front of his store, just for chuckles. no sign on the place, so what the hell does he sell and how does he stay in business? no, the car was thankfully there when i went back, and i was saved from melting in the sun by the blessed air conditioning system therein. and the shopkeeper was, thankfully, gone.