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mirror finish

1937 dodge sedan

i went to a few shows on super bowl sunday. found this at super cruise x in garden grove. first i'd heard of it, but was told by two different people that they've done it for ten years now, every super bowl sunday. 

almost didn't go, thinking not much would be there, but the guy that gave me a flyer earlier in the week claimed there would be several hundred cars there. and i suppose there was. i got there a couple of hours into it, and stayed less than an hour. only because it was hot and there wasn't a lot of shade on the asphalt were one would want to take pictures from.

this one is a dukes car, parked in front of a business flying a dukes banner, flanked by dukes cars. they're all perfection in their own way. took a couple of shots down low and one at normal level. i like the normal one, but it shows too much of the surrounding industrial buildings and people and cars and other distractions, and this lower one shows off the hood ornament so nicely, and the sheer mirror perfection of the door just makes me happy. ended up flipping a coin to which to post, so here you go.