what's up?


1961 pontiac bonneville

nighty night. at least its friday. i'd say at least next week is only a three-day work week, but i will be having to jam a full week's work into a shorter time. here's to hoping everyone is out of town, and traffic will get me home in under two hours. i doubt it.

so the sprinkly rain the last couple of days doesn't bode well for weekend shows. i don't have any one particular planned to go, so if its not raining, i may go see what's out there. or i could just as happily dip into my digital garage all weekend and try to post a few.

this car is from back in january at the broiler and the infamous red skies the camera picks up there. must be the lighting in the neighborhood. or martian atmosphere. what else could that purple thing be in the sky? invasion coming?