what's up?

dearly departed

1950 chevy deluxe

1950 chevy deluxe hood ornament1950 chevy deluxe trunk

soon after we arrived at the show on first street, we ran into a guy who asked about pictures we might have taken of his car at the whittier dia de los muertos show a few weeks before. he'd been looking for them online, but i don't recall handing him a card, so it would have been a bit more difficult to find it anyway.

wouldn't have mattered, as i hadn't posted too many from that show. haven't posted much at all, really, been so busy and sitting in traffic too often.

here are a few shots from that day. he was parked up toward the donut shop, at the end of the street, away from the street vendors and crowds and the other pod of cars at the next intersection.

yes, the door and trunk were open, and i normally would have not taken it. they're missing some dearly departeds, so i'll admire the shrine.

and i usually pass up cars when they have the dolls up on the bumpers too. just don't like them. not in the creep me out way, just kinda whatever.

i don't think i took one shot of the car from the first street show...it happens sometimes.