what's up?

hot legs

1939 chevrolet master deluxe

been a long day. was at work at 5:15am, so i'm pretty much done for it.

quick post. i squeezed down between a couple of old cars and the group of guys that went with them. not the best angle, but i wanted the picture. liked the car, liked the club sign. the guitar that was actually a speaker playing some good old tunes was pretty cool.

and then there's that guy's legs. i could crop the picture, but that cuts the sign. i could just photoshop them out, but its late and i'm too tired to bother. maybe some other time. maybe its his car, for all i know. i could have shifted the camera a bit to the right, but then there'd have been the issue of them parked next to the porta-potties, so i took the less offensive angle.

old memories plaque

1939 chevrolet master deluxe hood ornament