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1950 chevrolet deluxe 1950 chevrolet deluxe

took me two hours to drive home yesterday. sure it was friday, but seriously, i leave work at four most every day, and the traffic is just getting worse and worse. wtf. do i just get up at three am so i can try leaving at three in the afternoon??? efffff.

i got home in a not so happy mood. already was tired from not getting enough sleep for three days running. felt like a zombie driving on the freeway, i'm glad i made it home. told my better half, either we get going to a car show, or i'm just gonna lay down for a bit, which would turn into several hours. 

i knew the ruby's show only runs for a couple more fridays, and figured i would skip this one, knowing its the first and last show of the season that really gets a lot of cars anymore. but then i remembered seeing mention of a show out at the broiler, and had to double check on the date. yep, friday evening, same as ruby's only it runs until ten. hosted by the vintage bombs south side, it promised to be just what i was looking for.

pleasantly surprised when we got there, because the last few wednesday night shows i've been to have been so disappointing. while there only seemed to be about twenty cars, they were the right kind for me.

i mentioned before that i had to buy a newer version of my camera a couple of months ago. i've shot so many pictures, mostly of your cars, that the old ones are starting to be unreliable. so i've been mainly using the new one at the few shows i've made it out to. i'm still getting used to it, and it's ok, just not in love with it yet. more buttons and fine tuning required, it's a higher maintenance bitch than the old one.

here's the thing: i hadn't taken it out late, after sunset yet. was't a problem with the old one—got very nice night time shots even in dark corners—but here we arrive at basically a chevy bomb show, sun already set, and i'm not sure i can get the shots i want. so i'm experiementing with the settings.

didn't know my better half had updated the firmware, when i'd only asked him to clean the sensor. so right off the bat, my settings had been reset. wondered what the hell was going on with the first bunch of shots i was taking, then noticed a few things set wrong, and knowing i hadn't left them that way. finally had to go ask him why my camera was tweaking.

there were a few additional settings he found that needed to be changed back, then i got going again. had to reshoot a couple of cars. went to the back lot, where it is much more dark without the lights on and shot over there too. there were a few more in the dark, i really would have liked to take, but there were a lot of guys hanging around behind those cars, and i don't care for the smell of what they might or might not have been smoking. i'm sure there was just a skunk walking by, right?

we packed up about eightish, as neither of us had eaten dinner yet. spoke to a couple of the vintage club guys on the way out. very nice. said they were doing only one more show next friday for halloween, and that was it for the season. costume contests and candy for the kids. said this was a pretty small show because of the dodger game, but they'd been getting more than a hundred cars on other nights. 

we're already talking about just driving straight there from work next week; sorry ruby's—see you in april.

so here's a couple of shots of the same car. one from when we got there, with the screwy settings, and the other from later on. i think they're kind of both ok, but still not quite the same as i could squeeze out of my old camera. guess i'll have to keep trying.