what's up?

such a nice car


quick post because i went to the broiler tonight and stayed longer than i intended, though i wished i could have stayed later...there were lots of cars showing up. i still have stuff to do before bed.

spent a lot of time up at the front of the lot. several cars caught my eye. noticed this one pull in and drive directly out to the back of the lot. thought that was a shame, but figured there just weren't any spots open at the time to park closer.

so when i was mostly done, i wandered to the back to see if they were still there. yep. they've turned the back lot lights on again, and it was parked like this under one of them. a guy was there with his two kids, so i went over to them. the teenage girl was shooting pictures of the car, and i was waiting for her to finish so i could slip in and get some shots. 

turns out its the guy's car, and his daughter was trying to shoot it for a school assignment. only thing was, i think they said it kept coming out wrong. blurry or too dark. she had the settings wrong. and was standing way too far back for the little flash to really illuminate anything—almost like people using their flash at a baseball stadium—pretty useless.

i managed to grab this one view of the car while she was trying to figure out her camera. she/they were kind enough to wait while the long exposures were cranking through.

they were still there when i left. hope she got something to satisfy the teacher anyway.