what's up?

a big one

1950 chevrolet

so my better half is always complaining about me posting the ittle bitty pictures, how you just can't appreciate them when they're that small. he says he has the benefit of being able to see them up on my big screen while i work on them, and how spectacular they look big.

i have a few points of view on this one. the car is terrific. i liked the other two images of it, from a lower point, showing the theatre marquee above. but this was a better look for the car. i like the pinstripes over the headlights. i like the pointy hubcaps and the swoop of the hood, the split front window. the car is basically a colorless, silvery gray, but the dash of color behind it, the sunrise sky dawning above it, breathes some life and color into its sleeping carcass.

so anyway, my point is, here is a big one for my better half. can't wait for mine.