what's up?



i had intended to go to two car shows on the way home this evening. but its hotter than an armpit out there. wondering if it will start a shake and bake, california is so famous for. 

i have also spent half the day working, working, working, and packing. moving to a new office next friday. somehow it gets hot in an air conditioned office when you're throwing crap into boxes and piling them up. somehow in over five years, i've amassed more junk than anyone else in the department, it seems. gotta keep everything for legal, but they are all still making me feel guilty for snagging all the boxes.

so i'm sitting here, in front of a couple of fans, waiting for the sun to start setting, then maybe i'll go on over to ruby's. really shouldn't, until i make some room on my hard drive...getting pretty full.

this car was on the corner of the main intersection at the uptown show. well it is very nice. walked past it several times throughout the day because the hood was open, or there were too many people around it. patience, grasshoppa. finally found it with the hood down and people mostly out of the way. maybe the owner was getting ready to leave, or was off to see if he'd won a trophy or something.