what's up?

it happens


so i did get out to a couple of shows today. stayed at this one in fullerton for a couple of hours, and ran out of time for another in santa ana. i'd been to this one back in december, when they had a toy drive. that was crazy packed; this one, not so much. but to make up for that, all chevys, in years i love.

most belonged to the orange county viejitos, especially since they sponsor it. my better half came along for the afternoon, with his nephew. i'd told him about this show for several months, but hadn't been able to get back to it until today.

he missed a bunch of cars out in the back of the lot, because he was shooting a lot of cars up front. also chatting with the club members. i guess one of them asked if he could take a picture of the group, so before we left, they were called out to pose.here's my shot of them setting up.

there were so many nice cars, as always, i have to just pick one to start with, and run with it. this one was parked up by the entrance. i like it a lot. not sure if it was the color or the model or what, but here it is. maybe i can talk my better half to go back again next month.

after this one, we drove over to lakewood, arrived before official starting time, and parked in the shade. we checked out what was already there, and waited for about half an hour to see if anything else interesting would drive in. knowing that there are several other bigger shows going on, didn't expect a whole lot more to show up, so we just left without shooting a thing. it happens.