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so special

1941 chevrolet special deluxe

argued with myself too long this morning: didn't want to get out of bed, but i wanted to go to this car show out in san fernando. i was awake at 7:30ish. i could have been there when they opened at 10, before it would get insanely hot, take my pictures and be out of there before noon.

but no. i hesitated, then my mother-in-law made breakfast. then kinda did nothing but fart around with my ipad. but the thought of the car show kept itching the back of mind, and eventually told my better half that i was going to go.

now his new computer had a melt down the day before: one of the drives crapped out and he spent all saturday loading up windows again. he needed to continue loading software, but he also didn't want me to be out there alone for whatever reason. so if i was going, so was he, and so was his nephew, who is visiting for a few weeks and is bored of sitting around the house with gramma.

anyhew, by the time we got out there, it was noon, and it was HOT. there was a breeze, but mostly no shade at high noon. efff. and it was a gloriously big, busy show. low riders. bombs. bikes. booths. music. danny trejo. didn't realize how big the show was, until we were getting ready to leave and realized there was a whole other field full of cars we didn't even get to see.

as i said it was hot, so we got to work right away. figured i'd save the low riders for last, since they were mostly in the shade of some overhanging parking structure or solar paneled thing. it was at the high school, so we headed out to what i suppose is a football or track field. lots of cars and people. i was looking for the bombs. found this car club, with a bunch of chevys, which make me happy and started shooting. the people in the tent next to this one didn't say anything, just watched, though i guess it was the owner, took the entry sign out of the window of this car – thanks for that.

not sure if they were associated with the people in the tent at the other end of the row of cars, who did ask the usual question: you with a magazine? i did show them my pictures and gave them a couple of cards, so maybe the owner will see his car here.

an excellent show, even if it was so hot. i think if i go again, i'll have to wear a hat and some lighter clothing. maybe leave the nephew at home...he tolerates heat even less than i do.