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perfectly imperfect

1955 buick century

went to the broiler yesterday. was feeling a bit wobbly and warm, so bought a coke and walked around before pulling my gear out of the trunk. the usual suspects were there, a few were missing, several new ones to be found. a few too many muscle cars for my taste. too many hoods up.

out of all the cars i saw, this was the one that really caught my eye. was the first one i had to shoot before i lost the light. i'm sure the guys with the shiny, wonderful cars were watching incredulous that i'd bother with this one, and not even give theirs a thought. location, light, character win over perfect most often. can't pay to have this done to your car. only time can do this. eh, and an owner that doesn't pay attention. maybe it sat in a yard for years; i don't know, didn't talk to the owner, wherever he was.

did chat with a group of betatted guys, one of which came over and said he'd seen me shooting pictures for years here, and always wondered what i did with them. didn't catch his name, but ya, i recognized the indelible girl on his right arm. i believe i've got him lurking in the background of a number of pictures, inevitably. showed him my book, handed him a card. welcome to my digital garage, if you haven't lost the card yet, and make it this far.