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bentley hood ornament

so i'm just waiting here for my better half to get home. pondering the two hours i wasted watching prometheus yesterday. i don't go to a lot of movies, mostly because my beloved prefers pixar to any other genre. usually i mostly see what i want to see when he's out of town, or i'm in orange county, but still rarely. hollywood has been putting out more crap than i want to spend for the overinflated ticket price on.

i loved the alien movies, but this semi-prequel was so slow moving and unsurprising, i'm disappointed. did explain the origin of things you see in the first alien movie, but it didn't use the time to make the telling infinitely better. come on, ridley, you've done better. hell, if snow white and the huntsman had been starting at the time, i'd have seen that one instead.

blah di dah. saw this on a really remarkable bentley. but i preferred the hood ornament to the car. actually, i think i only bothered shooting the car because of the lady sitting behind it, asking if i wanted to shoot the ornament on her car. didn't really want hers, so i spent some time focused on this car.