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nudge nudge, wink wink

1956 chevy

as i said, i'd been at the show on saturday, but never did spot my sort of bud, gary and his car. on sunday, with fewer cars, it was easy to spot him and this car. i stopped and shot the car nearby, as he was busy spit shining it, and well, the hood was up.

finally walked over when i caught his eye, to say hello. he immediately went around to the front and closed the hood, proclaiming, "kathy's here...hoods down." yep, he's been reading my blog for a while, and knows what i like.

then he had the nerve to say, just kidding, you don't need to take a picture. come on, gary, you have a pretty car, and the hood was already down...i'm gonna take it.

he waited patiently while i took a few shots, and chatted a bit. hey, he said he'd won a trophy for the third year in a row...something like top 40...i don't know exactly, i'm not familiar with the categories. congrats dude.

now i gotta go pack a bag. off to san fran in the morning for a few days on business, then back for a weekend in fullerton for baseball stuff. meanwhile, my better half has to stay behind and miss me lots. so ya, no posts for a few days, and i won't have a car up there, so i can't get to the few shows in northern cali. so it sucks.